An Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development through RSETI in Pudukkottai District


  • Velu Suresh Kumar Department of Economics, H.H. The Rajah’s College (Autonomous), Pudukkottai – 622 001, Tamil Nadu


Non-availability of adequate employment opportunities in the organised and unorganised sectors is one of the serious challenges the country is facing. Lakhs of youth are entering the job market every year in this country but are unable to find suitable employment. The entry of automation and mechanisation in every sphere of commerce and administration due to the advent of science and technology has further accentuated the problem. On the rural side, the employment potential in agricultural economy also appears to have reached a saturation level leading to large scale migration of manpower from rural to urban areas adding woes and pressure to already over-strained civic infrastructure. In such a scenario, there is a need to promote self-employment for the unemployed rural youth, particularly those below the poverty line, and periodic skill upgradation to keep them abreast of latest technologies. Once trained appropriately, the youth would launch profitable micro-enterprises and enhance their own standards of living and thereby contribute to the overall national economy.


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