MGNREGS Employment: Seasonality and COVID-19 Effect


  • Satyanarayana Turangi Centre for Wage Employment & Livelihoods, National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad



MGNREGS, Seasonality, COVID-19, Lockdown, Unlock.


For the past 15 years, the rural employment guarantee scheme has been providing employment to rural households when there is a demand. In practice, the demand for MGNREGS employment will not arise uniformly throughout the year. This article aims at analysing the households’ dependency on MGNREGS in different cropping seasons. In general, households’ dependency on MGNREGS is very high during the summer months. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the summer of 2020 has adversely affected all the sectors of the economy that led to massive unemployment. At that time, MGNREGS was the only source of livelihood for millions of rural households. How did the imposed lockdowns influence the employment generation under MGNREGS? What happened to MGNREGS employment after the announcement of unlocks at different phases? The present article explores the answers to these questions by studying the monthly trends in employment generation under the scheme.


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Turangi, S. (2021). MGNREGS Employment: Seasonality and COVID-19 Effect. Journal of Rural Development, 40(1), 61–79.


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