We Too Are Governments! Decentralisation, Pandemic and Climate Change Challenges


  • Ardra R Kumar Student, Lady Shri Ram College for Women University of Delhi.




Local Government, Development, Climate Change, Peoples' participation, Decentralisation, Pandemic, Panchayati Raj,


The book discusses in detail the power and capabilities of local governments in India and how it can be leveraged for a seamless administration. Rich in examples and data from multiple states of India, the compilation carefully evalutes the role of  decentralisation and its uses at present and in future. The book review presents the important concepts of decentralisation, anecdotes, ways to uplift the administration presented in the book in a nutshell. The success of managing covid-19 pandemic by various panchayats and municipalities, operating community kitchens and the strengths of these decentralised arms of government in effectively tackling climate chnage challenges along with ensuring rural -urban development are presented in a very lucid manner in the book and the same are highlighted in the review. The reviewer mentions in detail certain drawbacks of the book by citing relevant examples thus providing a critical evaluation of the compendium. The book is suited for academicians, students, researchers, and even policy makers. It is compiled in a way so that the layman can also comprehend the importance of decentralisaton and people's participation for a better nation.


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Kumar, A. R. (2023). We Too Are Governments! Decentralisation, Pandemic and Climate Change Challenges. Journal of Rural Development, 41(3), 408–409. https://doi.org/10.25175/jrd/2022/v41/i3/172852