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An Analysis of Disciplinary Issues in the Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Nigeria


A study of disciplinary issues in the Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (BNARDA) - the main Public Extension system in Benue State, Nigeria, was carried out. All 274 staff with disciplinary issues spanning a period of 15 years (1990 - 2004) formed the sample size. Data were collected by use of interview schedule and analysed by use of frequency, percentage and mean while presentation was by use of Tables and histogram. The result of the analysis showed that staff with disciplinary issues were within the 41-51 years age range, male, had higher National Diploma and of the rank of Higher Agricultural Superintendent/assistant superintendent. The commonest disciplinary issues were absence/non- resident at duty station, poor performance and abscondment/truancy. A large proportion of cases were exonerated indicating lack of merit in most of the queries issued to staff. The sanctions meted out were warning, advice and termination of staff member's appointment from the service of BNARDA. The disciplinary trend in the period (1980-2004) indicated a peak of disciplinary issues at 1990 - 1992 and 1999 - 2001 periods and a yearly average of 6.6 per cent. It was recommended that management should pay special attention to indiscipline-prone age range, sex, qualification and rank to ensure labour harmony. Management should also ensure that queries are issued out only when due process has been followed. Also only staff with proven administrative acumen should be appointed to manage zonal offices in order to ensure positive discipline among field staff.

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