Volume 35, Issue 1, January-March 2016

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Table of Contents


Strengthening Rural Livelihoods in Bundelkhand  | 
P. Purushotham, B. Saranga Paani 1-16
Total views: 488
Microfinance:Women from the Margin to the Mainstream  | 
Barnali Maity 17-38
Total views: 369
Impact of Microcredit Dispensation on Economic Empowerment of Women in Kerala  | 
S. Santhosh Kumar 39-49
Total views: 324
Employment Generation and Asset Building through MGNREGA:Reflections from West Bengal
Debatra Kumar Dey 51-76
Total views: 425
Impact of MGNREGA Scheduled Tribe Workers on Poverty in Sikkim  | 
Marchang Reimeingam 77-95
Total views: 522
Status of Food Security in Andhra Pradesh-An Economic Analysis  | 
V. Rajendra Prasad, D. Vishnusankar Rao, G. Raghunadha Reddy, G. Sivanarayana, V. Srinivasa Rao 97-114
Total views: 504
Socio-Economic Determinants of Women Leadership in Panchayati Raj in Odisha  | 
Ranjan Kumar Mallick, Saroj Kumar Dash, Gautam Pattnaik 115-130
Total views: 515
Review on Dehydration and Various Applications of Biogas Slurry for Environmental and Soil Health  | 
Kalpana Arora, Satyawati Sharma 131-152
Total views: 411

Book Reviews

Land Degradation in India-Problems, Institutions and Sustainability  | 
Raj Kumar Pammi 153-154
Total views: 243
Bench Marking of Rural Local-Self Government in India:Some Ground Realities at Grassroots Level  | 
Pratyusna Patnaik 154-156
Total views: 285