Volume 34, Issue 4, October-December 2015

Table of Contents


Rural Employment, Wage and Wage Guarantee:Is MGNREGA on the Right Track?  | 
K. K. Tripathy 439-456
Total views: 327
Rural Labour Market in the Context of MGNREGA  | 
C. S. Murty 457-473
Total views: 198
How have Rural Women Self-Empowered through Agricultural Trades?Some Reflections from Karnataka  | 
M. Mahadeva, K. Keshavamurthy 475-491
Total views: 206
Occupational Shifts and Social Change in Tamil Nadu a Study on a Silent Agrarian Revolution in the Making  | 
G. Palanithurai, R. Ramesh 493-507
Total views: 218
Changes in the Rural Life in Belgorod Region in 2000-2013:Consequences of Economic Transformations  | 
Azer Efendiev, Pavel Sorokin, Maria Kozlova 509-527
Total views: 203
Vulnerability to Food Insecurity and Households' Coping Strategies  | 
Adugna Eneyew Bekele, Fikadu Mitiku Abdissa 529-542
Total views: 196
Microfinance for Economic Empowerment of Rural India  | 
Amaresh Samantaraya, Aritraa Goswami 543-565
Total views: 256
Politics of Poverty in Odisha  | 
Suranjita Ray 567-588
Total views: 262

Book Reviews

Technology, Innovations & Economic Development  | 
G. V. Krishna Lohi Das 589-591
Total views: 163
Rural Development:Concept and Recent Approaches  | 
G. V. Krishna Lohi Das 591-593
Total views: 225
A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory  | 
P. Kesava Rao 593-594
Total views: 307
Economics of Development:Toward Inclusive Growth  | 
R. Ramesh 594-596
Total views: 168
Rural Livelihoods in India–Issues, Measurement and Policies  | 
K. Prabhakar 596-598
Total views: 193
Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists-World Capitalism and Global History  | 
K. Prabhakar 598-599
Total views: 173