Volume 33, Issue 3, July-September 2014

Table of Contents


The Best Model for Micro-lending: Self-help Group or Joint Liability Group?  | 
Sushanta Kumar Sarma, Madhavi H. Mehta 247-260
Total views: 208
Implementation of Mgnrega in Karnataka: Issues and Challenges  | 
Prasanna V. Salian, D.S Leelavathi 261-279
Total views: 304
Women Workers and their Status in Mgnreg Programme: A Study in Jharkhand  | 
Bhaskar Kumar Kakati, M.C. Behera 281-290
Total views: 186
Status of Basic Amenities in Karnataka: An Inter-district Analysis  | 
P. Prabhuswamy 291-307
Total views: 192
A Study on the Socio-economic Conditions of Handloom Weavers  | 
G. Naga Raju, K. Viyyanna Rao 309-328
Total views: 1016
Tribal and Land Alienation in Andhra Pradesh  | 
Palla Trinadha Rao 329-342
Total views: 186
Farmers' Perception on Water Management and Land Degradation in the Tail Reach of Western Yamuna Canal Command  | 
B. S. Kalra, S.K. Wadkar, A. Sarangi, D.K. Singh, A. Chaturvedi, S.P. Singh 343-350
Total views: 163
Behaviour of Market Arrivals and Prices of Pearl Millet in Rajasthan  | 
Shirish Sharma, I.P. Singh 351-358
Total views: 159

Book Reviews

Bridging the Social Gap Perspectives on Dalit Empowerment  | 
Y. Bhaskar Rao 359-365
Total views: 153
Displacement, Revolution, and the New Urban Condition Theories and 360 Case Studies  | 
R. Chinnadurai 360-361
Total views: 159
Village Diary of a Heretic Banker  | 
S N Rao 362-363
Total views: 159
Rural Development in India : Challenges and Prospects  | 
V. Suresh Babu 363-365
Total views: 196