Volume 33, Issue 1, January-March 2014

Table of Contents


Design of Resource Use : Case of Jatropha-Based Biodiesel in India  | 
Satyendra Nath Mishra 1-13
Total views: 150
Development, Land Acquisition and Changing Facets of Rural Livelihoods : A Case Study from West Bengal  | 
Animesh Roy 15-32
Total views: 181
Financial Performance of RRBs in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat  | 
B.K. Gadhavi, S.B. Vekariya 33-49
Total views: 156
Land Dispossession and Rural Transformation : The Case of Fringe Villages of Kolkata  | 
Chinmoyee Mallik 51-71
Total views: 196
Panchayati Raj Institutions in Jammu and Kashmir: A Critical Analysis  | 
Ashwani Kumar 73-82
Total views: 218
Impact of Ecological and Economic Factors on Rice Farming: A Case Study of Kanyakumari District  | 
J. Cyril Kanmony, G. Gnana Elpinston 83-100
Total views: 174
Role Performance of Rural Women in Vermiculture Enterprise  | 
P. B. Umale, Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure, S. B. Bharane 101-110
Total views: 170
Parental Education and Family Aspect of School Enrolment in Rural India  | 
Swati Dutta 111-126
Total views: 192

Book Reviews

Irrigated Agriculture and Social Change: Evidence from Village Studies  | 
K. Suman Chandra 127-128
Total views: 162
Issues and Perspectives in Anthropology Today  | 
N.V. Madhuri 128-129
Total views: 151
Indigenous Institutions, Social Capital and Sustainability in Tribal India  | 
N.V. Madhuri 129-130
Total views: 173
Economics in Action  | 
G.V. Krishna Lohi Das 130-131
Total views: 156