Volume 32, Issue 2, April-June 2013

Table of Contents


Innovation, Transparency and Governance : A Study of NREGS in Andhra Pradesh  | 
C. Sheela Reddy 107-120
Total views: 217
Linear Discriminant Analysis of Multiple Groups in Rural Settlements of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria  | 
E.P. Udofia, J. Atser, E. E. A Ikurekong 121-138
Total views: 178
Human Development and its Mobility: A Study in some Selected Blocks of West Bengal  | 
Atanu Sengupta, Abhijit Ghosh 139-163
Total views: 181
Effects of Soil Erosion on Agricultural Productivity in Semi-Arid Regions : The Case of Lower Chambal Valley  | 
Hemant Kumar, Padmini Pani 165-184
Total views: 199
Functioning Profile of Self-Help Groups - Evidences and Insights  | 
Neeta Tapan 181-189
Total views: 214
A Dozen Years of SGSY - An Assortment of Fieldwork- Based Studies  | 
Tessy Thomas 191-200
Total views: 385
Impact of Contract Farming on Economic Status of Farmers in Karnataka  | 
Mallika Meti, S.V. Suresha, K.P. Raghuprasad 201-212
Total views: 195
SGSY : How much Beneficial across Socio-Religious Communities?  | 
Arghya Kusum Mukherjee, Amit Kundu 213-235
Total views: 286

Book Reviews

'Not by others Hands' : An Anthology of a Century of Credit Cooperatives in India  | 
B.K. Swain 237-238
Total views: 5365
Crisis of Governance  | 
Y. Bhaskar Rao 238-239
Total views: 252
Social Audit of Public Service Delivery in Karnataka  | 
V. Annamalai 239-241
Total views: 196
Socio-Economic and Cultural Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in North East India  | 
Shankar Chatterjee 241-242
Total views: 856
Transforming Indian Agriculture - India 2040 - Productivity, Markets and Institutions  | 
V. Suresh Babu 242-244
Total views: 2435