Volume 31, Issue 3, July-September 2012

Table of Contents


Political Economy of Irrigation Development and Patterns of Spatial Inequalities across Agro-Climatic Regions of Krishna District  | 
Babu N. S. Dasari 257-269
Total views: 154
Spatial Decomposition of Income Inequality in Rural Nigeria  | 
Oluwakemi A. Obayelu, Taiwo T. Awoyemi 271-286
Total views: 164
Drinking Water and Sanitation in Rural Madhya Pradesh : Issues and Challenges for Policy  | 
Keshab Das 287-304
Total views: 173
Modern Agriculture, Pesticides and Human Health : A Case of Agricultural Labourers in Western Maharashtra  | 
Dhanraj A. Patil, Ravasaheb J. Katti 305-318
Total views: 180
Mobile Communications Technology in Rural Societies of Developing Countries  | 
Anastasios Michailidis, Stefanos A. Nastis, Efstratios Loizou 319-334
Total views: 160
Potential of Tree Borne Oilseeds (TBOs) for Rural Energy Needs : Experiences and Implications  | 
G. R. Rao, N.N. Reddy, I. Srinivas, Sreenath Dixit 335-345
Total views: 158
Micro-Finance and Rural Poverty in India SHG-Bank Linkage Programme  | 
Madhusudan Ghosh 347-363
Total views: 226

Book Reviews

Persistence and Change in Tribal India  | 
A. K. Haldar 365-366
Total views: 156
E-panchayats in India - Some Facts  | 
P. Satish Chandra 366-367
Total views: 158
Area, Production and Productivity of Horticulture Crops  | 
V. Suresh Babu 367-368
Total views: 167
Climate Change and New Challenges  | 
G.V. Krishna Lohi Das 368-369
Total views: 157
Banking on Self - Help Groups: Twenty Years On  | 
B. K. Swain 369-370
Total views: 156
WTO and India's Agricultural Trade: Structure, Trends and Competitiveness  | 
U. Hemantha Kumar 370-371
Total views: 153