Volume 30, Issue 3, July-September 2011

Table of Contents


Cropping Systems and Training Needs of Citrus Farmers in Southwestern Nigeria  | 
O.O. Oyedele, M.K. Yahaya 263-272
Total views: 168
Khadi & Village Industry : A Case Study of Khadi Institutions in India  | 
Pesala Busenna, A. Amarender Reddy 273-289
Total views: 245
Strategising Innovations in Rural Housing using Bamboo  | 
Smita Chugh, Valentina , P. Sinha, B. Pandey, S. Tuli, P. Sudhakar 291-306
Total views: 165
Government Initiative for Promoting Micro-enterprises in Rural India: A Case of Sgsy in Uttar Pradesh  | 
Jabir Ali 321-329
Total views: 171
SHG Linked Micro-Enterprises - The Kerala Experience  | 
S. Santhosh Kumar 331-339
Total views: 182
Feminisation of Agriculture : what do Survey Data Tell Us?  | 
Nisha Srivastava 341-359
Total views: 157
Inverse Farm Size-productivity Relationship : A Test Using Regional Data across Two Time-points  | 
Subrata Kundu 361-372
Total views: 148
Problems of the Deprived Potential Beneficiaries to Avail of Social Assistance : An Evaluation in Chamarajanagar District  | 
B.S. Krishna Prasad, K.V. Aihanna, Chikkarangaswamy 373-384
Total views: 203

Book Reviews

India Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Report 2011  | 
B.K. Swain 385-386
Total views: 144
Agro-Afforestation Management on Wastelands (Village Level Study)  | 
V. Suresh Babu 386-387
Total views: 276
Sustainable Resource Development: Policy, Problem and Prescription  | 
R. Murugesan 387-388
Total views: 155
Sardar Sarovar Project on the River Narmada-impacts so Far and Ways forward  | 
C. Dheeraja 390-392
Total views: 140
Sardar Sarovar Project on the River Narmada  | 
S. N. Rao 388-390
Total views: 136