Volume 29, Issue 4, October-December 2010

Table of Contents


Rural Women Farmers' Perception of Commercialisation of Agricultural Extension Service Delivery in Nigeria  | 
Rashid S. Adisa, Babatunde M. Matanmi, A. Mohammed - lawal 387-397
Total views: 157
The Role of SHGs as Microfinancial Intermediaries : A Study in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat  | 
H.S. Shylendra, Samapti Guha, Veerashekharappa 399-423
Total views: 180
Socio-Economic Dimensions of Suicidal and Non-Suicidal Farmers of Western Vidarbha Region  | 
N. M. Kale, D. M. Mankar 425-433
Total views: 160
Agrarian Institutions and Rural Development : A Micro Study in the District of Burdwan, West Bengal  | 
Arindam Laha, Pravat Kumar Kuri 435-448
Total views: 281
Problem Identification and Prioritisation of Research Options :The PRA and AHP Approach  | 
G. Govindaraj, Jyoti Kumari, Anamika Mishra, Vidya Shree Bharti 449-455
Total views: 167
Economic Recovery of Backyard Rabbitry for Self - Sufficiency in Oyo - State  | 
F. I. Olagunju 457-463
Total views: 147
Development through Literacy : A Study of Fishing Community in Andhra Pradesh  | 
S. Surapa Raju 465-480
Total views: 148
Joint Forest Management and Rural Development in Jharkhand  | 
Manish Tiwari 479-492
Total views: 198
Underutilisation of Capacity and the Problem of Optimisation in Ericulture in Assam : An Economic Analysis  | 
Manjit Das 493-502
Total views: 149