Volume 30, Issue 2, April-June 2011

Table of Contents


Impact of Microfinance on the Upliftment of Rural Women -An Economic Analysis  | 
Josily Samuel, L.B. Kunnal, K.V Ashalatha 127-127
Total views: 171
Microfinance and the Poor : some Critical Interventions from Kerala  | 
Emil Mathew 143-143
Total views: 161
Rural Labour Employment through Mulberry Sericulture - An Analysis of Cross-sectional Study  | 
S. Lakshmanan, S. Balasarswathi, A. Mani 155-155
Total views: 146
Extension Services in Contract Farming : An Explorative Study of Potential Parameters  | 
Lijo Thomas, B. Nirmala 169-169
Total views: 152
Self-help Group (shg) Movement in Tamil Nadu - Empowerment of Rural Women  | 
Y. Gangi Reddy, NV Madhuri 177-177
Total views: 163
SHG Movement -An Emerging Social Innovation of Microfinancing in Orissa  | 
B.K. Mohanty 193-193
Total views: 209
Economic Factors Contributing to Farmers' Adoption of Selected Ecological Agricultural Practices  | 
Md. Sekender Ali, A. S. M. Ziaul Karim 209-209
Total views: 149
An Assessment of Poverty and Living Standards of Irulas (A Primitive Tribal Group in Tamil Nadu)  | 
P. Ambiga Devi, Hemasrikumar 221-221
Total views: 291
Formation of Social Capital in Gender Sensitive Participatory forestry Programme in West Bengal  | 
Nimai Das 233-233
Total views: 148