Volume 29, Issue 1, January-March 2010

Table of Contents


Institutional Credit to Scheduled Tribe Shg Members : a Process Evaluation of SHG-bank Linkage in Three Districts of AP  | 
P Purushotham, S Laxminarayana, T G Ramaiah 1 - 1
Total views: 162
Public Spending for Protecting the Poor during Economic Reforms: Myth or Reality? Evidence from Orissa  | 
Aswini Kumar Mishra 17 - 17
Total views: 140
Perception of Rural Youth about 'Adarsh Gaon Yojana  | 
B.A. Deshmukh, Swati D. Shinde, S. S. Patil 35 - 35
Total views: 149
Ground Water Market and Farmers' Perceptions for Electricity Tariff System in Uttarakhand - A Case Study  | 
Asad Umar, A.K. Singh, Someshwar Shrivastava 43 - 43
Total views: 152
ICTs for Rural Development? : Answers from Below - A Micro-Level Study of Five ICT Enabled Villages in Tamil Nadu  | 
M. Arivanandan, John Bosco Lourdusamy 57-57
Total views: 157
Organising People in Self-Help Groups: The Role of Central Cooperative Bank of Malda District in West Bengal  | 
Maya Ghosh 69-69
Total views: 148
An Analysis of Disciplinary Issues in the Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Nigeria  | 
Shimayohol Daudu, M.C. Madukwe 79-79
Total views: 263
What Makes Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Successful?  | 
E. M. Reji 89-89
Total views: 169
Development or Deprivation? Surplus Land Distribution Programme in Karnataka  | 
R.J. Katti 97-97
Total views: 177