Volume 36, Issue 3, July-September 2017

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Table of Contents


Economics of Drip Method of Irrigation in Red Chilli Crop Cultivation:An Empirical Study from Tamil Nadu  | 
N. Devika, A. Narayanamoorthy, P. Jothi 293-310
Total views: 319
Trends and Patterns in Nutritional Intake in India  | 
Jignesh Shah, Ayush Kumar, T. N. Datta 311-332
Total views: 214
Dynamics of Calorie Intake in Rural Bihar  | 
Avanindra Nath Thakur 333-352
Total views: 292
Agrarian Distress and Crop Insurance in Odisha: Some Empirical Findings from Kalahandi District of Odisha  | 
Sasmita Patnaik, Mamata Swain 353-378
Total views: 153
Determinants of Rural Nonfarm Employment:A Study in Dibrugarh District of Assam  | 
Annesha Mech, Kumud Chandra Borah, Amrita Mech 379-396
Total views: 278
Study on the Impact of Grid Electricity in Powering the Expansion of Healthcare Services and Facilities in Sagar Island  | 
Chayan Sur 397-418
Total views: 98
Change in Cropping Pattern and Sustainability of the Agrarian Economy of Kasaragod District, Kerala  | 
N. Karunakaran 419-432
Total views: 138
Effect of River Mining on Cropping System in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh  | 
M. S. Pathania, Chaman Dip Singh 433-446
Total views: 127

Book Reviews

State of India’s Livelihoods Report 2016  | 
K. Prabhakar 447-448
Total views: 115
Inclusive Growth through Social Capital Formation: Is Microfinance an Effective Tool for Targeting Women, 2017  | 
T. Phanindra Kumar 448-450
Total views: 122