MGNREGS Impact on Agriculture: A Study of Undivided Andhra Pradesh


  • Satyanarayana Turangi Centre for Wage Employment and Livelihoods, National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad



MGNREGS, Agricultural Wages, Land Development, Horticulture.


In India, the well-debated argument is a trade-off between agricultural profitability and employment generation through MGNREGS. Antagonists always argue that MGNREGS accentuates the agrarian crisis by creating labour shortage on one hand, and hiking agricultural wages on the other. Several studies confirmed that agricultural wages have gone up after the implementation of MGNREGS. Against this backdrop, this article attempts to examine the impact of MGNREGS on the farm economy in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. If MGNREGS implementation leads to a hike in farm wages, what is its reflection on the costs of cultivation? As per the operational guidelines of MGNREGS, land development, provision of irrigation facilities and horticulture works have to be undertaken in private lands. If it happens, what would be the contribution of MGNREGS to the farming community in terms of developing their private lands? This article explores these questions by studying the impact of MGNREGS in undivided Andhra Pradesh.


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Turangi, S. (2021). MGNREGS Impact on Agriculture: A Study of Undivided Andhra Pradesh. Journal of Rural Development, 39(4), 467–485.


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