Impact of MGNREGA Scheduled Tribe Workers on Poverty in Sikkim


  • Marchang Reimeingam Institute for Social and Economic Change, Dr. VKRV Rao Road, Nagarabhavi PO, Bengaluru - 560 072


In Sikkim, an impact of MGNREGA Scheduled Tribe (STs) workers on poverty is noticeable. The MGNREGA was implemented in Sikkim in February, 2006. Under it, presently, land development and rural connectivity activities are the major works that are environment conservation and sustainable approaches in nature. More than one-third of the total job card holders and employment or persondays generated are benefited by STs; which is more than their population contribution in the State. Importantly, MGNREGA work increases the period of engagement in work for both principal/main and subsidiary/marginal workers thereby reducing underemployment and unemployment among the agriculturists. It is widely and effectively implemented in rural areas, with the help of strong and efficient Panchayati Raj Institution, as one of the most successful employment generation schemes. It improves the economic participation rates as well as strengthens an economic well-being of the rural household status by supplementing their income with the assured minimum wage rate of MGNREGA work. It acts as a driving factor for poverty alleviation and enhances development for STs in particular in rural Sikkim.


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