Investigating and Prioritising Rural Development Barriers in Iran: Case Study of Saravan


  • Majid Karimzadeh Assistant Professor of Economics, Economics Department, Higher Education Complex of Saravan, Saravan



Development, Rural Development, Saravan County, Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Analytical Hierarchy Process.


The present study has been conducted with the aim of investigating and ranking the barriers of rural development in Saravan County in Sistan and Baluchistan Province using the analytical hierarchy process method. The statistical population of the study includes experts with experience in rural development. Using a targeted sampling method, 20 experts familiar with rural development issues were selected as the sample. The required data was collected through structured interviews, Likert-scale questionnaire and using L Saaty 9 order questionnaire. The results showed that for the respondents, the role of deterrence of economic, socio-cultural, institutional-structural, and environmental barriers on rural development is significant. Moreover, the results showed that, among the surveyed obstacles, economic barriers with a weight of 0.33 and environmental barriers with a weight of 0.13, respectively, had the most and the least important as a barrier to rural development in Saravan. Since economic barriers have been identified as the most important obstacles to rural development in the county, it is recommended that the government pay special attention to provide rural infrastructure and also support villagers for diversifying economic activities and improving their livelihoods.


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