Agricultural Development and Social Transformation (First Published in Vol.4, No.5, July, 1985)


  • K. C. Alexander Former Director, Faculty of Sociology, NIRDPR, Hyderabad-500 030



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The objective of the present study is to understand the nature of change created in society through agricultural development. Even though the attempts of developing countries to push through industrialization had stimulated considerable interest among scholars in the problems and consequences of industrialization’, sufficient attention was not given to social change in rural areas caused through agricultural development. Probably an exception to this dominant trend was T.S. Epstein's study of "Economic Development and Social Change" 2 conducted in irrigated and non-irrigated areas of Mandya District, Karnataka.


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Alexander, K. C. (2022). Agricultural Development and Social Transformation (First Published in Vol.4, No.5, July, 1985). Journal of Rural Development, 40(2), 132–180.





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