Searching for Reforms in MGNREGA


  • Gopal K. Kadekodi Honorary Professor, Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research (CMDR), Dharwad, Karnataka, 580 004
  • Shiddalingaswami V. Hanagodimath Assistant Professor, Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research (CMDR), Dharwad, Karnataka, 580 004



Rural Development, Employment, Agriculture Labour.


After nearly 13 years since its inception, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India has been subjected to several criticisms, asking for reforms. Not that there were no reforms during these years, but the accumulated studies put together can provide several formal reforms through legislations. This paper, based on a comparative basis between 2012 and 2016 in the State of Karnataka provides some benchmarks towards many reforms. The major ones are about the number of days of guaranteed employment, unemployment wage payment, linking employment to rural works based on peoples’ perceptions directly, link between poverty reduction and employment creation and reducing leakages from wage payments.


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Kadekodi, G. K., & Hanagodimath, S. V. (2020). Searching for Reforms in MGNREGA. Journal of Rural Development, 39(2), 147–168.

Author Biography

Shiddalingaswami V. Hanagodimath, Assistant Professor, Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research (CMDR), Dharwad, Karnataka, 580 004

Centre for Multi-disciplinary Development Research (CMDR) Assistant Professor,


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