Volume 35, Issue 3, July-September 2016

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Table of Contents


Microfinance through Self-Help Groups and Financial Inclusion  | 
D. Nagayya, Balla Appa Rao 341-375
Total views: 670
Health in Rural India:Towards a Comprehensive Health Index  | 
Shilpa Chaudary 377-395
Total views: 336
Occupational Structure in Rural Uttar Pradesh:What Changes the Recent NSSO Show?  | 
Nomita P. Kumar 397-420
Total views: 287
Socio-Economic Background and Use of Latrine in Rural India:An In-Depth Analysis  | 
Mukesh, Kamal Pandey 421-434
Total views: 323
Tenancy and Agricultural Productivity in Southern India:Nature, Extent, Trends and Determinants  | 
Uttam Deb, Soumitra Pramanik, Patan Elias Khan, Cynthia Bantilan 435-464
Total views: 398
Analysing Agriculture Extension Services for Media Mixes for Transfer of Technology  | 
Sunita Raina, Hardeep Chahal, S. K. Kher 465-481
Total views: 383
Impact of Mobile Phone on Livelihood of Rural People  | 
Balwant Singh Mehta 483-505
Total views: 1032
Determinants of Sustainability of Microfinance Sector in India  | 
Moususmi Singha Mahapatra, Swati Dutta 507-522
Total views: 367

Book Reviews

Shelter Security in Urban India:Path Ways, Barriers and Outcomes  | 
G. Valentina 523-526
Total views: 177
Community Natural Resource Management and Poverty in India-Evidence from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh  | 
G. V. Krishna Lohi Das 526-527
Total views: 2493