Volume 36, Issue 2, April-June 2017

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Table of Contents


Rural Employment Diversification in North East India: An Analysis  | 
Bhagirathi Panda 163-180
Total views: 622
Tribal Dispossession through Land Acquisition: A Study of Open Cast Mines in West Bengal  | 
Sreenita Mondal 181-202
Total views: 301
Economic Valuation of Female Family Labour in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry: A Study in a Prosperous Agricultural Region  | 
Kavita Baliyan 203-212
Total views: 269
MGNREGA in Assam: Who are Taking up Employment?  | 
Prerona Baruah, Anjali Radkar 213-230
Total views: 320
Integrated Fodder and Livestock Development in Uttarakhand: NGO's Initiatives  | 
Shikhakrati Negi, B. P. Singh, Mahesh Chander, Afzal Hoque Akand, Ranjana Sachan 231-242
Total views: 232
Impact of Dyeing Industrial Pollution on Farm Income and Production in Tiruppur District of Tamil Nadu  | 
S. Gandhimathi, N. Dhanabaghiyam 243-254
Total views: 207
Direct Vs Indirect Election to Grama Panchayat President: Reflections and Implications  | 
N. Sivanna, Nayanatara Nayak, Narayan Billava, V. T. Hungund 255-268
Total views: 247
Productivity of Different Species of Dairy Animals in High Altitude Regions: A Geographical Analysis in Pulwama District of Jammu & Kashmir  | 
Rafiq Hussain Andrabi, Harmeet Singh, Pervez Ahmed 269-282
Total views: 267

Book Reviews

Book Review  | 
R. Aruna Jayamani 283-285
Total views: 145